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Cable TV VOD - Christmas

Network Design, 2016

Cable TV VOD is a channel service that provides exclusive VOD contents, such as the latest films, popular TV shows, soap operas, cartoons, educational clips and so forth to its customers.

The concept of the channel identity is ‘Various enjoyments are popping out!’ containing the message: CableTV VOD provides numerous contents to its viewers. Therefore, Studio Cobb, where I am working for, visualized various movie characters to pop out from a little cap and drew illustrations in different styles in order to show the diversity.  My job was to make a video for the Christmas season.

My concept was ‘gifts’. I was thinking about what would Santa Claus give to movie characters at Christmas. I draw movie characters which are popular and easily recognizable, also considered which Christmas gifts would make them happy.

Director : Shinyoung Kim 
Illustration : Shinyoung Kim 
3d Generalists : Shinyoung Kim, Wonseok Lee
VFX : Gieun Kim
Producer : Wonseok Lee
Production : Cobb Studio (
Client : Cable TV VOD
On Air : 12.2013

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