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Shinyoung Kim[KR] is an animator and illustrator who loves colorful and bold designed images. Started from a commercial background in her home country, South Korea, and came to the Netherlands to have a deeper understanding on aesthetic of arts. 

Always trying to be more friendly to the public, with her unique visual skills which easily capture people's eyes.

Shinyoung Kim


+31 63 833 9653 (NL)

+82 10 4474 4124 (KR)

Selected Clients


For China-based inquiries, please connect with

my management team:

艺峰国际Ampersand Globe
Doris Leung
Top Plaza West Tower
Guangzhou, China
T: +86 13826167183
Wechat: ampersand18


The Creators Project/ Hypebeast/ Cartoonbrew/ Nieuwkomers / Crem/ /Booooooom/ Juxtapoz/ Lamono magazine/ Refined guy/ WeLoveDesign/ Pikicast/ Horst und Edeltraut


09.2017 - 08.2019

MEDIA DESIGN:Lens based (MA), Piet Zwart Institute

the Netherlands

03.2010 - 02. 2016 

Multimedia(BA), Korea National University of Arts 

South Korea

Work Experience

03.2016 - 07.2017

Director at Studio Cobb

South Korea



어쩌다 네덜란드(Unexpectedly, the Netherlands)

- A diary of Dutch design’

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