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Starry Night

Music video, 2016

This music video is about a girl and a boy who dearly miss each other as they stare at the stars each night. I tried to express how the girl and the boy maturely, and calmly handle the intense love going on between them. I basically described a couple longing for each other in their repetitive daily lives with the ‘repetition’ as the main concept.

Director - Shinyoung Kim
Producer - Wonseok Lee
3D Supervisor - Eunjin Jo
Artwork - Shinyoung Kim
3D animation - Jingyu Kang, Eunjin Jo, Wonseok Lee, Hyungmin Park
2D animation - Shinyoung Kim
Modeling - Charles Woo, Shinyoung Kim, Eunjin Jo
Compositing - Shinyoung Kim

Production : cobb
Client - S.M.Entertainment

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