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Shinhan Securities Co.,Ltd Illustration 
(신한투자증권 사명 변경 광고물의 일러스트레이션)

Illustration, 2022

Shinhan Securities Co.,Ltd has been starting to advertise the name change of the company recently, which I contributed through my illustration. For this project, I focused on the flowers which contain “good news” in their flower words to convey the bold aspiration of Shinhan, wishing the best in their next chapter with the new name.


You can find the illustration in major cities with global financial centers, including London, Tokyo, Honking, and of course New York. 


Illustration : Shinyoung Kim
Animation : Assemble-in Production 

New York 🇺🇸, London 🇬🇧, Tokyo🇯🇵, Hong Kong🇭🇰

& main big cities in Korea 🇰🇷

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