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Samsung Valentine’s Day Campaign 2023

Illustration & Animation, 2023

For the Valentine’s Day, a day full of love, I produced a series of scenes where love is shared; 

to your lover, to our lover, and last but not least, to myself. I fully enjoyed this project with utmost pleasure and confidence as I am a person who highly values the power of love. 


The videos are commissioned by Samsung for the Global Valentine’s campaign. 

Looking forward to spreading the love worldwide.

Client : Samsung
Agency : Two Rabbits
Design & animation : Shinyoung Kim

wide main cut.jpg

A special event for your lover: Buds2 Pro


Focused on visualizing where lovers are enjoying their own siloed environment from the help of Immersive Sound Experience provided by the Buds2 Pro.

buds 2 pro_styleframe_1.jpg
buds 2 pro_styleframe_2.jpg

Another way to love myself: Watch 5

An extra addition to lifestyle, tracking my performance to be the best version of myself.

watch 5_styleframe_1.jpg
watch 5_styleframe_2.jpg

Sharing joy and laughter with our lover: Z Flip 4

Spending precious time with a group of people we love and recording the moment 
with full of laughter and joy. 

Z Flip 4_styleframe_1.jpg
Z Flip 4_styleframe_2.jpg
character design.jpg
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