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NAVER Aesthetic Construction Net Project

Illustration, 2020

This is a construction safety net for the construction site of the new NAVER HQ office. As the construction site is surrounded by residential areas, I was asked by NAVER to create an “aesthetic” construction safety net. Together with 3 illustrators(굴리굴리 @goolygooly, 김다예 @iamdykim, 요이한 @yoy_han), we’ve tried to give a little touch on nets to spin the site as a part of the community. You can see mine from Highway connecting Bundang and Suseo.


For this project, I  focused on the harmony with the natural. As the site is near highways, I also had to consider the safety of the drivers, which led me to make a “comfortable” artwork. Hope everyone sees it as I’ve intended. 

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