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Unexpectedly, The Netherlands

This book is filled with stories of my experiences in the Netherlands. When I was in the Netherlands, I was able to face the Dutch design of daily surroundings in the Netherlands, and I have written episodes of my discoveries and observations in this book. I have had great interviews with around 31 interviewees such as Studio Dumbar, Total Identity, Edenspiekermann, Job,Joris & Marieke and have collected 15 themes such as Illustration, Public Design,Typography, Audio Visual Design, Agency system, Street Art and so on.

At the early stage, I simply wanted to write about Dutch design industries. However, while writing, this idea was expanded to diverse directions. As well as getting to know about Dutch designs. I put my attention to basic Dutch lifestyles, which also made me curious about the structure of the society, the ideology and the history of the Netherlands. As a result, I think they all provided the evidence of design is not only about designs but also implicates many other fields, and it is not just created with simple structures and ideas.

Written by Shinyoung Kim

Designed by Studio plat

Publisher : Futuremedia


The days I spent in the Netherlands were filled with happiness. To collect these memories in a single book is very meaningful to me. Stand-out times include; the first response I received from CA Korea after emailing them, when my first article was published in their magazine, when CA Korea offered me the opportunity to publish a book, when I finally completed writing all the scripts, and when I saw ‘Written by Shinyoung Kim’ on the amazing cover of my book. I can remember these times vividly as they are all incredibly precious memories that I would certainly not forget, no matter the circumstances.


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