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#Gucci Tian

Animation, 2016

Gucci Tian is an online project of the Italian luxury brand, Gucci, and the project featured collaborations with the selected creative visual artists on Instagram. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, curated this project and wanted to see artists’ reinterpretation of Gucci’s pattern, ‘Tian’. Honorably, I was chosen to participate and got a chance to show my work all over the world through Gucci’s Instagram.   


 I started working with the given source from Gucci Tian, which made me able to convey the oriental feeling of Tian into my work. Normally I use vector images to make a clip. While I was working, I didn’t want to give up the built-up kind of colours in Tian. Thus, I used the leaves, birds,  owers, and other sources from Tian to achieve this. The main concept was to remain the pattern of Tian and creating a digital artwork. The duplicated source being collected to one pattern was another concept that I also focused on. Overall, it is a collaboration of digital and analog.

스크린샷 2016-11-22 오전 1.01.46.png
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