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Colors can be colored on everything

Animation & Mural based on my research, 2019

What do you think about purple?

And what do you think about an apple?

Then, how about a purple apple? 


<Colors can be colored on everything> is a series of works that I explored on how people perceive and interpret colors. A lot of people told me that my color usage is abnormal and unusual. The research started from a simple question : Why do I like to use unusual colors? Through the development of my research, I re-questioned myself : ‘What is unusual color?’. At the later phase of the research, I realized that I have to see all different relations between color and its context : what situations involved in the images, who sees the image, and so on. Color itself has deeper and richer information, not just its intrinsic meaning or appearance. By changing the colors, an apple could be seen from edible to not edible. To define how we perceive colors is very complexed, since we all have different backgrounds such as culture, experience, memories, and so on. Colors can be perceived and interpreted differently, but colors cannot be defined with a fixed norm. There is no one answer. In short, colors can be colored on everything.


<Purple?Purple!Purple.> is a 6’56” video essay showing the passage of my exploration on finding different identities of my favorite color purple. It shows a color can be perceived and interpreted in many different ways according to its related contexts.

Colors can be colored on everything_titl

< Colors can be colored on everything> is the main title for whole theme and also the title for murals. The mural paintings directly and explicitly shows the title with differently colored objects.

It was exhibited at Willem de Kooning Academy as a part of a graduation show 2019

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