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Cozy Christmas Home 

Illustration, 2023

When I was younger, I always went out during Christmas day (everything is opened in Korea🤪), but these days I prefer staying at home on the day. The warmth of the family, cozy blankets, and the glow of twinkling lights! Grateful for these simple joys💕 Wishing you all a merry and bright Christmas!

first snow_4x5 copy.jpg

The Magic of the First Snowfall ❄️

There's something fascinating about the way snowflakes dance in the air and blanket the earth, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary landscapes. The cold breeze might make my nose freezing, but the view of the snow-covered landscape somehow brings comfort and joy.


It is almost end of the year. Our Granny is busy stitching different stories for each of her loved ones. Each flame inspires her with special moments, while she is grateful to weave the yearly masterpiece to give extra warmth to the whole family.


What makes you the most excited on Christmas Day? 
On that day, everything is sparkling with lights, but the real magic is the joy we'll share as we open these special gifts together. A beloved family member who lives far away is back to home for Christmas, and he is bringing an abundance of love and gifts!  I feel like I already hear the sweet sounds of laughter. 
Can you think of anyone you want to meet on Christmas Day?


🎄✨Carol melodies filling our home every Christmas Day. 🎶
The melodies create an amazing atmosphere that makes the season even more special. Whether they're making me move or soothing my soul, carols fill the air with magic every Christmas Day.

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