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Scenes from my day dreams

Illustration & Animation, 2022

Sharing a series of my personal works, inspired by quotes from different talents. 


Where I live, sunlights are very precious, especially at this time of the year. When there are some, they just make me stair at them, fall me into day dreams. I mostly think of what I appreciate that can be as simple as a daily event, a random thought or even small piece from my memory.


A full table of brunch, ready to greet my guests. 

Some efforts for others are a way for me to stay happy.

After 20years - Travel.gif

From time to time, I need to travel. It doesn't have to be a luxurious trip. 
It can be simple as a last-minute road trip.

Last night  - Wine.gif

Fridays don't always have to be full of people. There are also simple Fridays.


What can be better than ending a day with a warm bath? 


I try to read a lot. Sometimes, I read just to enjoy the calmness.

Flower shop.gif

I wish I was a florist, only to smell different fresh flowers everyday. 


Everyone feels lost at some point, but eventually all make progress unless they don't stop.


One of the few reasons I like about my city: 
I can enjoy master pieces at different museums. 


Being at a park with my lover, 
doing nothing but lying down is also a good way to spend a weekend. 


For me, the year-end is the time of reflection. 
I try to look back the year by writing new year cards to people to whom I am thankful. 


As a young me, I always did everything on my bed, from drawing to traveling universe. 


Paris used to be a dream for me. Now, I drive to Paris.  

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