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Deer My Friend -nonogram

Illustration & Animation, 2022

<Deer My Friend>  is a mobile game that challenges your brain with multiple nonogram puzzles. 

In this game, you will get to enjoy the calm and pleasing story of Lou, Jay, and a deer family described with stylish design. 

"Join their journey in a beautiful forest 

and awake your brain and reveal hidden images in each chapter!"


"Oh, A little baby deer, Where is your mommy? "


Chapter 1. Camping

Lou and Jay, a lovely couple, went for camping to have some relaxing time out from their busy dailies.

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Chapter 2. Baby deer

Jay was wandering around and coincidently met a baby deer. 

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Chapter 3. Wound

Jay took Lou to see the baby deer again. 

But this time, they saw another wounded deer, which seemed to be the mother of the baby deer.

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Chapter 4. Treatment

Jay and Lou took the mother deer to their tent to treat her.

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Chapter 5. Love

Jay and Lou decided to stay longer to treat the mother deer, while the baby deer was always in their sight, trying to stay with the mother deer.

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Chapter 6. Farewell

A week has passed. The mother deer could walk again. It is time for a goodbye.

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Chapter 7. Longingness

After some time, Jay found the picture of the deer family from their last camping and suggested Lou go see them again.

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Chapter 8. Eagerness

Jay and Lou visited the camping site, where they met the deer family. 

Despite the long waiting, there was no single clue about the deer family.

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Chapter 9. Regrets

Jay and Lou decided to head back and decided to come back next time. 

After stacking up all the deer food they brought, Lou started the car.

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Chapter 10. Reunion

Jay and Lou, holding their tears, left the site. 

At that moment, the baby appeared, chasing the car. 

What an amazing reunion.

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