Music video, 2015

Directed by Shinyoung Kim

Soundtrack : Basenji - Dawn

Genre : Music video

Duration : 02’53’’

Adam and Eve, It’s a very common story, but all the story that people heard or read is not focused on Adam and Eve’s love despite its fascination. Since Adam and Eve are the first mankind, so I thought their love represents all kinds of love till now. Therefore, I described Adam and Eve’s love. Most of all, I just thought the story would visualize the song wonderfully. In the part of the visual, I tried to put vibrant colors with bold designs. I focused on the emotions between Adam and Eve with a restrained manner, so I designed moderated characters by hiding their eyes. In addition, I hoped to convey the music’s mood with colours that changed along with beats. Adam and Eve which is expressed in its colour variations represent the diversity of mankind until today.

Screening at   
- the 9th International Animation Festival Fest Anca 2016 (Žilina, Slovakia)
- KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2016 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 
- the CUTOUT Fest 2016 (Querétaro, Mexico) 

Selected as

- a Finalist in the 2016 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

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