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Häagen-Dazs mochi collection 2017

Pattern Design, 2017

For festive season, Häagen-Dazs brings a twist on the famous Japanese delicacy: the soft and chewy mochi. It is available in two flavours, namely the Green Tea Mochi and Azuki Mochi. Love, the UK based creative agency suggested me to design the packaging for the new Häagen-Dazs mochi collection. 

haagendazs_2017_Azuki animation.gif
haagendazs 2017 packaging_front.jpg

Design Strategy


This design focuses mainly on the sweet taste and chewy texture of Mochi. The round background shape expresses sweet and soft texture of Mochi, arranged in a pattern to express joyful experience of chewing Mochi. Also cultural elements of Asia such as Japanese knots, oriental paper lanterns, ume, cherry blossom and firework are added to reflect its identity and bring festive mood. 

haagendazs_2017_greentea animation.gif
haagendazs 2017 packaging_top.jpg
haagendazs 2017 _box.jpg
haagendazs 2017_pic1.jpg


haagendazs 2017_pic4.jpg


haagendazs 2017_pic3.jpg


haagendazs 2017_pic2.jpg


Client : Häagen-Dazs

Agency : Love (Talitha Palmer Roberts - Senior Account Manager)

Proceed date : 04~05.2017

released date : 11.2017


The new Häagen-Dazs mochi collection was available from November 2017 till February 2018 at all Häagen-Dazs stores and selected supermarkets in Aisa!

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