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The Looping World

Animation, 2018

Human beings have been craving hard to realize Utopia where equality exists. Yet, limitations were faced to realize admirable equally world. What people did not recognize was all human beings are greedy animals which never fulfills their satisfaction. This is a driving force toward the ideal society to overcome current limitations and also the most decisive factor which destroys their ideal society. The world is structured by ambitions of human who is eager for a better world, but also the world is destructed by human who is greedy which never fulfills their satisfaction. Eagerness for a better world has structured the current society; nevertheless, it is the eagerness that also demolishes the world.


The world is on the loop of structuring and demolishing.


It was exhibited at EYE FILMMUSEUM AMSTERDAM as a part of Research lab 2018 - THE UTOPIA/DYSTOPIA PROJECT.

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